Reducing time spent on contract reviews by 85%

Elior Case Study

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Due to the effects of COVID-19 in March 2020, particularly on the economic environment, Elior’s legal team needed to understand several key provisions in their contracts. By identifying these factors, crucial advice could be provided to the business on how to proceed with a new adaptive approach.

Key Findings

  • Reviews of over 400 contracts were completed in 5 working days – an 85% reduction in time
  • The platform was cost-effective – overall, the contract reviews were completed at a third of the usual cost
  • Implementation was finished in one working day

About Elior

Elior is one of the leading contract caterers in the United Kingdom, working across a broad range of sectors, including stadia, healthcare, education, and the public sector. With over 10,000 employees, numerous suppliers and several variations of clients, there are many contracts in place throughout the company.

Elior’s legal team needed to complete a manual review of over 400 contracts, which would have usually taken around six weeks to complete. This is a significant cost for the business: both in time and hired external resource. Due to the urgency of the task, this time-scale would not have met the needs of the company, which required the review to be completed by the end of the month.

Providing the Solution with Summize

Summize provides the ability to summarise contracts instantly – highlighting important clauses and allowing key information to be found immediately. The platform can also be configured specifically to a user’s contract requirements using the Clause Builder functionality. With this tool, unique and uncommon clauses can be added to the system and are quickly highlighted across all relevant summaries. This means that any type of contract can be uploaded, no matter how bespoke.

With these features, Elior’s legal team were able to carry out reviews of over 400 contracts, many of them unique to the business, within 5 working days – an approximate 85% reduction in time. This was also performed at a third of the cost, with a further 12 months of the software included on the account per user for future contract reviews.

Due to the easy-to-use functionalities, Summize does not require any formal training to get started, and no prior uploads or AI analysis are required. The system integration was also performed within one business day, allowing Elior to complete the review by the target date. This efficiency means that legal teams can start generating summaries of their contracts straight away.

Throughout the process, Summize provides regular assistance to its clients, meaning that any queries that occur can be answered immediately. The team is always open to feedback and wants to provide the best experience possible for its users.

Elior’s Feedback

The integration was really easy, and Tom was always on hand to support the team and me.

The tool is self-explanatory, and the key benefit for us as an in-house legal team is that we can build our own unique clause wording in the clause builder functionality, to ensure the system will pick up all of the right clauses – not only from contracts based on our precedents but also bespoke contracts. We can add more clauses to the clause builder functionality for future reviews on other subjects, building a complete picture of risks and benefits within the entire contract. 

The ability to export the data into Excel and the ability to only report on particular aspects of the contract is really useful when it comes to preparing reports for the Board. 

 It is definitely a tool which we will use regularly in the future as it gives us a cost-effective, efficient way to quickly due diligence our contract portfolio using lawyers and paralegals in the in-house team with industry-specific knowledge, as opposed to outsourcing to a third party.

Joanna Luke, Legal & Compliance Director

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